Resident Screening

The best way to control vacancies and protect your property and staff is to ensure you’re accepting the best residents. Our resident screening solutions – Resident Qualifier and Illegal Tenant Identifier – help you determine applicants who might make ideal tenants.

Make better leasing decisions by using our resident screening solutions to identify potential risks. Through independent verification, you can quickly verify your applicants' financial and criminal histories, as well as identify illegal subleasing.

Resident Qualifier

Resident Qualifier is the only scoring method that uses a rules-based model to allow you to amend applicant information. Customize our service with hundreds of distinct variables tailored to your needs, so you can approve more applicants without increasing your risk.

Our Resident Qualifier service verifies:

  • Financial status – We provide one, two, or three bureau-merged credit reports in an easy-to-read summary and/or a code-free detail format, so you can get a clear picture of the applicant’s financial responsibilities.
  • Eviction and public records – Public record information including bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures, repossessions, and tax liens is returned instantly. When available, eviction records are provided in real-time.
  • Identity verification – Using unrivaled access to public domain databases, we can determine instantly whether the identities provided have been falsified or stolen.
  • Criminal records – A comprehensive search of all available states is delivered in real-time for one low price. Searches of counties and U.S. territories are also available.
  • Landlord and employment verifications – These verifications instantly ensure your applicants are in good standing with their former landlords and employers.

Illegal Tenant Identifier

Illegal apartment subleasing exposes property managers to a range of potential risks. With our Illegal Tenant Identification service, you can quickly uncover units that may have been illegally subleased, and therefore eliminated your ability to raise the rent to market levels.

Our Illegal Tenant Identifier service requires you provide the tenant’s name, address, and Social Security number. Within 24 hours, we provide the information you need to be confident your properties are free of illegal subleases.